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INSTRUCTIONS for joining the Ascended Minion Project!

This is the official Steve Argyle collectors fan club.  My name is Justin, and I will be your host.  If you just sorta like Steve Argyle’s artwork, really like it, absolutely love it, or can’t live a day without it… you are welcome here.

This really is official.  Steve designed that logo for us and it appears on some very special items that maybe could be yours.  If you want to learn how then stick around.  You can just follow and lurk if that’s your thing… here’s all of the related places to check out -

Loose Ends and Stalling - This is Steve Argyle’s personal blog.  It consists mostly of photos of the card alterations he does at appearances, but he sometimes has other stuff to show off or things to tell us.

Ascended Minion Project - This is the official blog of the group.  Here you will find updates about member activity (including ascensions,) as well as “members only” news and a healthy dose of the various collections of the minions.

Gathering Steve Argyle’s Magic - This is my “Steve Argyle wiki.”  A database of Steve’s art career, this blog currently covers all of his Magic: the Gathering work, as well as his other commission art from his first published pieces in August 2004 to the present.  (As of today his works are covered up until July 2007.)  There are a few tidbits here and there about his earlier 3D CG work as far back as 1995.  This is also where I advertise his upcoming appearances and other general news his collectors would be interested in.

Ascended Minion Prime - If you’re interested, this is where I keep photos of my personal Steve Argyle collection during my pursuit of making it the single most comprehensive such collection in the world.

Of course some of the minions keep their own Steve-Argyle-specific blogs that are totally worthwhile to follow.

- or you can officially join

1.  You should join tumblr if you haven’t already.

It isn’t required, but a lot of what I’m planning will revolve around your ability to post pictures here and see posts.  You should also follow all of those blogs up there.  Things about this group may appear in any of those places.

2.  Email me at

Tell me you want to join.  I will add your name to the registry and reply with your member number.  You do not need to provide me with a name and a mailing address to register (but you can’t receive anything if you don’t.)  I will not share this information (except with Steve Argyle if it is necessary) and it will only be stored offline.  I may need it to send you stuff… because this project is all about getting stuff.  While supplies last (and they are occasionally replenished) a selection of Steve’s “binder candy” will be sent to every registrant.

3. Tell me something about yourself and your collection

As more registrants show up it helps if I can tell you apart in a crowd.  I love to hear about collecting Steve’s stuff.  What do you have, when did you start.  I want to know your favorite piece of his art if you have one.  Also, if there is anything you think would make a good and reasonable item from Steve as an ascension reward then mention it.

Lastly, please reblog this and spread the word!


sketch of the tea faery Enkou

she is my favorite original of mine, and something of a persona. i featured her in illustrations during my thesis last year. she operates a peculiar tea house in the cloudy middle of dimensions, and serves all sorts of folk who happen to cross the borders of the universe.

enkou does not charge for currency, instead she asks visitors to give her a story, which she records and then serves them tea made of the essence of their own tale, with her magic teapot. that means she has an endless amount of flavors to surprise her visitors, and they always love the taste. but why does she collect stories? why does she serve so much tea? how does she even do that? we just don’t know.


Ascended Minion Project coloring page!

I will be coloring it along side you.  I had hoped to have mine all finished in time for it to make an appearance on a playmat for Gen Con.  But I just had too much on my plate to squeeze it in.

But soon, SOON, this will be the Ascended Minion Project 2015 playmat and sticker and stuff.  It will be super duper neato.

Oh right, also come see me at Gen Con!  Booth 673!

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